'Water is H2O, hydrogen two parts, oxygen one, but there is a third thing that makes it water, and nobody knows what it is.'

D.H. Lawrence, 1922



The Wisdom of Water

For twenty years, I studied water in its many forms and manifestations. Obsession was the only way I could come to grips with water’s complexity, its sensitivity, its wisdom and its immortality.

My journey led me to remote temples where water is worshipped as a living deity, to hot volcanic springs and icy waterfalls, to limpid pools hidden deep in the forest where I could swim with yabbies and frogs while cicadas and whipbirds sang in the sunset.

I have tasted water drunk by dinosaurs in the Jurassic swamps, sucked dew from grasstree flowers at dawn; sipped the sulphurous healing waters of Sukayu in the mountains of northern Japan and sung with pilgrims in the Golden Lotus tank at the Meenakshi Temple in Tamil Nadu.

I have heard and recorded the stories, legends and myths of water, intoned hymns to the gods and goddesses of rain, studied rituals, worshipped with reverence in holy places. For uncounted hours I have listened to the rhythms of the waves falling on the shore, to the sound patterns of lakes, small streams and majestic rivers.

Sometimes, watching the fluid reflections of the sun, moon and stars in the eternal moving mirror of the waters I have the overwhelming sense of my consciousness merging with that of the infinite.

The Wisdom of Water by John Archer
Publisher: Allen & Unwin, (2008) Crows Nest, N.S.W Australia
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