We do not have to travel far to connect with the wisdom of water. Even the water flowing from our kitchen taps carries messages from distant springs and mountains reminding us that we are all one.


John Archer is a leading expert on water who believes that our relationship with this mysterious fluid needs to be radically re-examined. Instead of envisioning water as an inert resource to be ‘managed’, we ought to accord it the status of a deity.

John’s most recent work The Wisdom of Water is one of several books on water beginning with On The Water Front which became a bestseller in 1990, laying the groundwork for the current debate on Australia’s water supply issues.

John is author of 22 books on building, architecture, transport, medicine and the environment. He is a passionate community activist, speaker, public educator and publisher.

Following the success of Dirt Cheap – The Mud Brick Book in 1976 which documented the building of his own house, John coordinated several unusual building projects. These included a mud brick medical centre with the Pitjantjatjara people in the Gibson Desert, and community centres in South Melbourne and Tasmania. John and his wife Gerry founded the Owner Builder magazine which they published until its sale in 1987.

John’s water advocacy began when he became editor of Plumbing and Mechanical Connection magazine in 1990. He soon established a network of environmentalists, scientists and researchers committed to the public interest of water quality and supply.

Indigenous people have always revered water. In The Wisdom of Water John explains why we would be wise to follow in their footsteps.