John Archer, one of the best writers in the field of buildings and cities, has done water, and the planet proud.

Robyn Williams




Twenty Thirst Century: The Future of Water in Australia
2005 Pure Water Press, Sydney
Australia's Drinking Water: The Coming Crisis
2001 Pure Water Press, Sydney
Sydney on Tap
1998 Pure Water Press, Sydney
Your Home: the Inside Story of the Australian House
1998 Lothian Books, Melbourne
The Water You Drink - how safe is it?
1996 Pure Water Press, Sydney
The Great Australian Dream
1996 Harper Collins, Sydney
Bad Medicine: is the health-care system letting you down?
1995 Simon and Shuster, Sydney
The Water Efficient Garden: A practical and innovative guide
- with Jeffrey Hodges and Bob Le Hunt
1993 Random House, Sydney
On the Water Front: Making your water safe to drink
1991 Pure Water Press, Sydney
A Short History of Australian Transport
1989 Macmillan, Melbourne
The Owner Builder's Companion:
the best of the Owner Builder Magazine

1989 Penguin Books, Melbourne
Poles Apart: Pole Frame Building in Australia and New Zealand
1989 Century-Hutchinson, Sydney
Collins Australian Do-it-yourself Manual
with Albert Jackson and David Day'
1988 William Collins, Sydney
Building a Nation: A history of the Australian house
1987 William Collins and the Australian Bicentennial Authority
The Home Building Experience
1985 Australian Broadcasting Commission
The Earth Builders Companion with Gerry Archer
1981 Night Owl Publishers, Shepparton VIC
Building for Kids and Adventurous Adults
1981 Oxford University Press, Melbourne
Improvisations: Traditional low-cost Building Techniques
1979 Second Back Row Press, Sydney
Dirt Cheap: The Mud Brick Book with Gerry Archer
1976 Compendium Press, Birregurra VIC


your home

dirt cheap